Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Death Knell

So like I said, here are some photos of The Death Knell formation. 

This is the first 40k model I painted. Along time ago it feels.
The formation consists of a Captain, Librarian and Chaplain as well, to compliment the termies and dreads. They are the command structure for the 1st company. I also have an entire company fully painted (the 7th) that I use in apoc games as well. Pictures in the near future. With the Masters of the Chapter formation as well as a Thunder Hawk (it's on it's way), I have about 8000 points. Can't wait to field the Thunder Hawk, they are so massive and really become the center piece of an army like this.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Death Knell

Well, as I had hoped, this blogging thing has inspired me to dust off the terminators and put paint to model.

 The first things I've done are get these bad boys all out where I can see them. Or more importantly where they can see me. I will need their unerring gaze to scold and reprimand me if I don't give them the attention they so longingly desire. Next I set about finishing the AOBR dreads to make them a bit more venerated looking as this is how they will be used. I imagine this formation actually being the first company of my chapter the Dark Halos. And you simply can't be a first company dreadnought without being venerable. Anyway, new missile launcher arms and a few bits tacked on did the trick allowing me to prime.

I do have a number of terminators painted already that I've had for some time. They were some of my first marine models because they are so wonderful. Even to this day they are some of my favorite. Now, I haven't taken any pictures before but I plan to very shortly,and I hope to get them up soon. Not sure what sort of quality they will be as I will be using my girlfriends camera, so any tips on model photography would be appreciated. So I guess thats all for now. Happy gaming.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Death Knell

So, how to start? I figure the name sake ought to get the very first post. I really enjoy games of apocalypse, and the Death Knell Orbital Strike formation just jumped right out at me. Ever since I started playing 40k, Dreadnoughts and Terminators have been amongst my favorite models. Now with the advent of plastic (therefore affordable) drop pods, one can put together a large formation without the extra cost of resin kits. I have been working towards acquiring the required amount for some time and have finally reached that goal. My next step/mile stone will be to fully paint them. This will take awhile as I don't always have the time. I'm hoping this blog will get my ass in gear to get them done, photographed and posted. Wish me luck.